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Scott Hyster

Scott Hyster

CEO, Financial Planner


The office is on Oakmont way. Scott and Sayra have 25 years experience in the financial world. Their specialty is protecting and growing wealth so that their clients may have a guaranteed and in some cases tax free income for life. They do this by guiding them step by step in allocating their wealth in efficient vehicles so that they can have peace of mind that their wealth is safe, protected, growing, and liquid, meaning they still have access to it.

Scott and Sayra moved from Idaho and Utah to Eugene in 2019. They enjoy traveling, hiking, and getting couples massages. This year 2022,  they will be getting scuba certified, Scott is a little nervous about it, but they are both excited to explore life under the sea. 

They have 2 daughters from Sayra's first marriage. Both ladies are in college learning how to adult. It's been fun and eye opening doing financial planning with their own daughters while them the basics of budgeting, paying bills, and investing. They have recently bought a townhome with one of the daughters where she is learning how to landlord and manage that investment as she lives and rents the other rooms. Both girls are doing great in school so far.